Back in the day, I was a long term player of games such as WOW Vanilla upwards to panda. I also played EvE Online from launch into the Titan battles. During that time I also hosted a popular radio show on EvE Radio for many years and loved that gig, during that time I went by the name DJ Justice. 
My gaming day’s date back to 1990 up to 2013 when my son was born. 
At that time I stopped playing almost entirely but have now in 2020 returned and am slowly finding myself in the gaming world.

I also own a vape shop in Iceland that I started following my intense vape hobby so I do advocate quite a bit for vaping, hence my second youtube channel that I started around 2017, but only did 6 videos on. Now it is time for do some more quality up to date videos for that aswell.

What does the name Beatsuka mean?

Beatsuka is an alias that I made up years ago and have been using ever since for various projects.

The name Beatsuka came about after I quit hosting my weekly shows on EvE Radio and was looking to get deeper into the DJ carrier, but that is a dream I have not been able to carry through… yet?

Reason for this alias is simple, you see…
My real life name is Hjalti, an Icelandic name that means the handle/hilt of a sword.
That.. mixed with my love for some good quality music beats is literally what makes up the alias.
Beatsuka is a mix of 2 words:
“Beats” as in music beats, and “Tsuka”, the handle/hilt of japanese samurai sword or katana.
Beats + Tsuka = Beatsuka, cleaver… right?